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  • What is the process like to get licensed.
    1. First you are going to need to sign up and take the 40 hour sales person pre-licensing class (thats what we do!). The class is designed to cover everything you need to know to pass your real estate test and become a salesperson or broker. 2. Send in your application package (we provide that) which includes you course completion paperwork, letters of reference, a test application, and paperwork submitting to a background check. You can find out more information on the required background check on the Massachusetts Real Estate Boards Website here 3. Register for and Pass the real estate test. The test consists of 120 questions (about 10 of which will be high school level math questions), and you will need to achieve a score of 70% or higher to pass. 4. Get your real estate license. When you pass the test, you receive your license on the spot. so be prepared on test day to pay for your license. 5. Now it's time to hang your license at a brokerage.
  • How much does it cost to get your real estate license
    The quick answer is around $500. But lets break it down a bit. - The real estate class ranges from $300-$400 depending on when, and where you take your class. -The real estate test will cost you $85. That is $54 for the test itself, and another $31 to cover the application fee. If you needed to retake the test it would only cost $54, so make sure to take notes, and study. -Becuase you recieve your license as soon as you pass you will need to be prepared to pay for that on Test day. The cost for your license will be somewhere between $103-$150. This is because your first license will expire on your 3rd birthday. Massachusetts pro-rates the fee based on how long your license is good for. Every other renewal cycle will be 2 years on your birthday.
  • I am an attorney or a law student in Massachusetts do I need to take the pre-license course?
    No, you do not need to take the class or pass the test in order to obtain a license. You can however take the class for your own education.
  • If I am a licensed agent in another state do I need to take the course?
    Some states share a reciprosity agreement with Massachusetts. I have sumerized those states below Massachusetts Real Estate Reciprocity Agreements The following group 11 states offers complete reciprocity with Massachusetts: CT, RI, WV, NE, IA, TN, MI, CO, GA, PA, and NM. In addition, there are 4 states with specific conditions for real estate license reciprocity: OK, NY, NH and ME. No other states offer any sort of formal reciprocity, though an educational waiver may be granted in some cases on an individual basis. The realization that you could potentially practice real estate in 11 states upon passing the Massachusetts real estate salesperson licensing examination should motivate you to study hard. If you are coming from another state that has license reciprocity with Massachusetts, it wouldn't hurt to take an online or in person class to brush up on Massachusetts' real estate laws.
  • I signed up for a class but now I can't make it... Can I get a refund?
    We do not offer refunds on classes, but are happy to shift your registration one time, to a future class.
  • I want to become an instructor. Can you Help?
    Absolutely. The Massachusetts DPL outlines the process here. You can register for one of our upcoming pre-licensing courses and will be able to audit/coteach the class as part of the regulations set forth by the State of Massachusetts.
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